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June 06, 2016 3 min read

If you’re about to get ready for an intense workout, would you put on a bulky cotton t-shirt? Probably not. For the longest time, this was really the only option for people during their exercise regimens. But for people who truly want to push themselves to get fit and stay their strongest, cotton is not king. Many have turned to wearing shirts with wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from the body to keep dry. While these products are certainly a step up, we think it’s time to improve. That's why we created HydroFreeze X Technology.   Why Things Need to Change Cotton tees soak up sweat while wicking fabric expels it, creating a hot and humid atmosphere right next to your body. Traditional exercise clothing can create other problems as well for those who like to exercise:
  • A lot of workout clothing is intended to be skin-tight. While you certainly don’t want anything baggy to get in the way of what you’re doing, you also don’t want to feel restricted when you hop on a treadmill or grab some weights. If you’re going to perform your best, you need to be able to move and push yourself to the max.
  • Not all exercise wear is made equal. Cotton is incredibly common, but it will simply hang on to your sweat and moisture, eventually destroying the material. The use of nanosilver thread was quite a common practice for a while, but the industry has since come to realize it may leak particles into water and the environment. There have even been instances of well-known brands using cheap material, which will give customers a negative experience.
  • Wicking fabric is definitely a prime choice for athletes, but moisture can become concentrated in areas where an individual person sweats more (such as the armpits, collarbone, or back). This means you can wear a tank made with wicking material and feel perfectly dry in places and incredibly wet and soggy in others.
  What HydroFreeze X Technology Offers We can do better. For too long, people have relied on cotton or wicking tees for their workout needs. But how can you truly push yourself harder and become stronger, faster, and better if you’re feeling bogged down by clothing that isn’t helping you? This is where our new technology comes in. The Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt uses HydroFreeze X Technology which will forever change the way you work out. The sweat you release during a tough workout activates the technology, and then regulates your body temperature to cool you down! Our innovative technology completely sets us apart from other traditional wicking clothing options, but how does it work?     HydroFreeze X Technology works in four stages:
  1. Wicking. You perspire, and the fabric pulls your sweat away from your skin. This is a key step in any good workout clothing, but most options on the market today simply stop here.
  2. Moisture disperses.With most exercise clothing, you’ll notice sweat pooling in areas where you perspire more. These wet spots can’t dry up quickly enough, and you’re left with a damp, uncomfortable feeling of soaked, heavy clothing. HydroFreeze X Technology works by spreading out and circulating moisture throughout the fibers of the clothing, keeping things in a comfortable balance.
  3. Cooling effect. This is where the magic really starts to happen. Air passes over the fabric and interacts with it, creating a cooling effect on the skin. As you’re heating up during an intense workout, you won’t feel stuffy or worn down. Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirts will cool you down instead and give you that extra push you need to go further.

The cooling effect does more than just make you feel good for your whole workout — it keeps you hydrated, too. Sweat is the water you’ve put into your body, after all. The hotter you feel and the more you work out, the more water you lose. When you’re no longer hot, you don’t sweat as much and your body stays hydrated longer. HydroFreeze X Technology can help you push beyond your usual limits this way.

  1. Moisture is expelled. The cooling effect kicks in instantly and as the moisture interacts with the fabric, the moisture will evaporate. Again, most traditional wicking fabrics do this, but it’s so much harder because the moist parts of the clothing tend to get soaked only in certain spots. HydroFreeze X Technology allows the perspiration circulate and evaporate after it’s given you a refreshing, cooling feeling.
The next time you’re going to throw on some workout wear, imagine what life would be like with HydroFreeze X Technology. Say goodbye to restrictive exercise clothes, poor materials, and soggy clothing, and say hello to Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirts.

Shop on our site, and see for yourself why our shirts are a cut above the competition.

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