7 reasons why people are switching to Arctic Cool

Everywhere you look people are struggling to find ways to stay cool. Whether you’re outside walking your dog, working in the yard, or playing 18, the sun can get to anyone! You’ve worn the same cotton or wicking shirts your entire life – why change it now? Because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Arctic Cool is a game-changer. Here’s what we found out:

1. Their fabric is more technically advanced than my telephone.
Seriously. It’s a proprietary technology that works to keep you cooler the more you sweat. The fabric is also knit and woven to create pockets for air to flow through seamlessly. We tested out their cooling towel by running hot water over it to simulate sweat and after wringing it out and snapping it a few times in the air, WOW. Instant Cooling.
2. Their clothing is made with you in mind.
Who wants to feel constrained when they are heating up? NO ONE. Arctic Cool’s product is made with 4- way stretch so that the garments move and flow with you. They are not built tight and compressive to your body but rather they are comfortable and flattering cuts that make even the heaviest of sweaters comfortable.
3. They have a 90-day guarantee.
Don’t believe it will work for you? Try it. There is no risk. Wear it, use it, let it sit in the box. If you don’t love your first purchase, Arctic Cool has a 90-day guarantee and accepts products back no matter the wear and tear on the garment. They put their money where their mouth is.
4.The experts and current shoppers are all impressed.
Here comes the name drop: Business Insider calls it “the best workout shirt with cooling technology” But it’s so much more than that. Arctic Cool has created a full system of dress from casual weekend warriors to fitness gurus, it seems they now have something for everyone. Not to mention the hundreds of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook video posts reviewing the product and sharing their stories.

5. Did we mention the technology?
Not only does the fabric cool you down, it keeps you protected from the sun. With skin cancer at an all-time high, why wouldn’t all clothing be made with UPF protection? When you buy Arctic Cool, you don’t have to think twice because all of their products are made with UPF 50+ which means that 98% of the sun’s rays are left feeding the plants around you instead of absorbing into your skin! check out the technology.
6. Sweat doesn’t have to mean stink.
They also figured this one out too. All of Arctic Cool’s products are treated with an anti-odor fighting technology that keeps their shirts smelling fresh and clean after every wash.
7. Numbers don’t lie.
With over 1 million units shipped and less than 3% returned – they did something right. If you can’t see the difference, you can feel it.

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