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Sweaty times calls for effective cooling measures. Thankfully, there's Arctic Cool. Our exclusive HydroFreeze technology is an easy way to keep things chill in the yard, mowing the lawn, or pretty much anywhere.

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Long sleeve shirt

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Hydrofreeze X Technology

Stay-Dry Fabric
Actively wicks moisture away from your skin to help keep you dry and comfortable.

Odor Protection
Built to remove odor so you can wear it more and wash it less.

Advance Shield Block
Provides the ultimate comfort, while offering UPF +50 protection.

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HydroFreeze X

Our Instant Cooling technology uses 3-part unsurpassed technology that cools you down as you sweat. 


Sweat stinks! Our Anti-Microbial features keep all our garments protected from retaining stink inside the fibers. No one wants to stink even after washing your shirt! 


Arctic Cool's ActiveWick technology pulls moisture away from the skin and disperses it throughout the garment. Allowing you to cool faster and feel dry sooner!  

UPF 50 Protection

Arctic Cool's UPF 50+ Protection creates a barrier for 98% of the suns harmful rays. 

4-way stretch

Don't get stuck. Every Arctic Cool garment comes with 4 way stretch capabilities to allow the garment to move and stretch with you in every direction!


If you are not completely satisfied with your Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Wear or the HydroFreeze X Technology, we will replace the item or refund your purchase price.

Tested with FLIR® Thermal Imaging

We've used FLIR® Thermal Imaging Systems to compare the same athlete wearing cotton & HydroFreeze X Technology apparel under identical conditions.

Yes, it really works!

The next time you’re going to throw on some workout wear, imagine what life would be like with HydroFreeze X Technology. Say goodbye to restrictive exercise clothes, poor materials, and soggy clothing, and say hello to Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt.

Women’s Cooling Tank

“OhMyGosh! I totally LOVE this color (Pink Punch)! This is my fourth shirt. I literally live in my four shirts. I have black tank, the pink “T”, pink with the white back mesh tank, now this! You just can’t go wrong with these. I get them large and looser fitting. I don’t go walking without one of these.


The Technology Works!

“These shirts are amazing at keeping me cool, and they stay looking presentable all day long. They are very stretchy, so I have complete freedom of movement. New idea - cut a headband and use it to line the lower elastic in your bra - has a wonderful cooling effect!”


Keeping Cool

“I’m a trail rider. In one day I may ride up to 60 miles. I have found these shirts to not only be comfortable but actually help to keep me cool. I wear only these shirts now. Highly recommend!”


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