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“OhMyGosh! I totally LOVE this color (Pink Punch)! This is my fourth shirt. I literally live in my four shirts. I have black tank, the pink “T”, pink with the white back mesh tank, now this! You just can’t go wrong with these. I get them large and looser fitting. I don’t go walking without one of these. They will pack any where. I wear them year around, great for layers. Great for sleeping, particularly if you sweat at night. I can’t live without my Artic Cool! I want the leggings, waiting to find the length on those. Plan on buying my husband a surprise from Arctic Cool too. Thank you Arctic Cool! Love your stuff!”
CarmenApr 4, 2019

the technology works!

“These shirts are amazing at keeping me cool, and they stay looking presentable all day long. They are very stretchy, so I have complete freedom of movement. New idea - cut a headband and use it to line the lower elastic in your bra - has a wonderful cooling effect!”
MarilynAug 7, 2018

I love the tanks!

“I absolutely love these tanks! Working on the nursing unit I never get hot when wearing these tanks. They also work as a compression tank to hold my insulin pump down. I first ordered two and I just received my second order of two more! ”
Crystal_rootAug 2, 2018