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January 06, 2016 4 min read

Imagine this: it’s a sweltering hot day, the sun is blaring down at you, and beads of sweat have already begun to form on your face, the back of your neck, and your arms. You’re really trying to push yourself but as your body begins to warm up you can feel yourself slowing down. Our instant cooling shirts can really bring relief - and then some! Of course, you’ve worked through heat before, but if you’re not careful during your workouts you can actually put yourself at risk. Heat exhaustion, for example, occurs when you literally overheat your body. In warmer, humid weather, exercise can definitely put you at risk if you’re not actively looking for ways to cool down in the shade or in an air conditioned place. Additionally, all that excessive sweating can lead to dehydration, especially if you’re focusing on your exercise and not about keeping a water bottle in your hands. You might also experience heat cramps if you get too hot, a painful tightening of the muscles in your stomach, arms, and legs. This can be incredibly uncomfortable and prevent you from getting much out of your workout.

So how can you battle the heat?

  • Exercise somewhere else that is cooler
  • Slow down or lessen your workouts
  • Utilize clothing that cools you down
The first two options require you to change the way you work out, which is inconvenient and frustrating—especially for people who want to continue their workouts despite a hot atmosphere. But the third option allows you to continue your routine without any disruption. All you need is specialized clothes made of materials that work for you to cool your body down.

What Are Cooling Clothes?

Contrary to what you might already think, wicking fabrics don’t successfully cool the body in the way that new materials infused with cutting-edge technology can. For many people, they look for materials that pull moisture away from the skin and allow it to evaporate, keeping the body’s temperature as low as possible. This is definitely an improvement upon a regular 100% cotton tee—a choice that absorbs sweat but doesn’t work well in sending that moisture into the atmosphere. People who work out in these types of shirts often get soaked in their own sweat during a workout, making it hard to cool down with that humid, warm layer on top of them. While wicking fabrics are a step up, they’re not perfect by any means. A shirt with this technology pulls sweat off the body, but then has to take the time to dry and evaporate into the air. As we all know, we don’t sweat evenly on our bodies; instead, we have concentrated amounts of sweat in certain parts, like our armpits, back, or chest. With wicking materials, people often notice moisture collecting in certain parts of the clothing while other parts remain perfectly dry. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it hinders the evaporation stage. This is where cooling clothes come in. Using new technology, cooling shirts actually work at a lower temperature than traditional workout clothing. This means that our shirts are perfect for a number of different activities; whether you performing an intense workout, on the job doing some strenuous activity, or simply looking for better clothing options for a hot day, you’ll be wearing materials that can help lower your body temperature.

How Our Cooling Shirts Work

Different cooling shirts will all work in their own specialized way. It’s important to examine how each one works before you decide on what to buy, to ensure you’re getting the shirt that will be best for you and your needs. For example, some cooling shirts actually use block ice technology. These types of shirts use ice and tubes embedded in a shirt to circulate cold water close to the skin. For people who work in construction or need to wear a lot of layers at their job, this can work out well. But for athletes and people exercising, this adds on a lot of unnecessary bulk. In contrast, our shirts work by dramatically chilling your body as you move. A cooling shirt that’s designed for exercise and working out will not add weight or awkward tubes to your outfit. Instead, it will look like any other workout shirt you own, but it will have some added benefits. Our cooling shirts first pull perspiration away from the body, just as other wicking materials do. Once they’ve done this, the moisture then interacts with the material in the shirt and the air to help lower the body’s temperature, and it does this through our HydroFreeze X Technology. HydroFreeze X Technology is built into our fabric. It pulls the moisture from your body and disperses it throughout the shirt. By doing so it ensures you don’t have concentrations of perspiration under your arms or on your back. As you move, the air goes flows through the fabric and activates the cooling technology, lowering your body temperature. Even on the hottest of days, you’ll be able to push yourself past your limits with a shirt that works just as hard as you do. You can find our products here.

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