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April 10, 2017 2 min read

At Arctic Cool, we believe its time to upgrade the traditional polo style with our Men's and Women's Instant Cooling Polo Shirts. Our shirts bring cooling comfort to the office, technology to the course, and style to the streets. Here are three ways to wear them, no trip to the green required.    
  1. Wear it to Work
  Whether you tend to be business casual in the boardroom or call the great outdoors your office, our Instant Cooling Polo Shirts will always compliment your style. You won’t have to worry about sweating bullets while presenting a deck to the boss, or overheating while completing a construction project in the beating sun. Our shirts are built to handle the elements and intricately designed with some impressive benefits. All our Instant Cooling Shirts are powered by HydroFreeze X Technology , helping you stay dry by wicking away sweat and dispersing it throughout the shirt. The moisture then releases to help moderate body temperature, while the shirt’s antimicrobial properties ensure freshness. Our Instant Cooling Polo Shirts have a Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+ to help protect you from the sun.  

Instant Cooling Polo Shirts for Women

  1. Wear it to Work Out
  A polo shirt to the gym? We get where you’re coming from. Fortunately, our Instant Cooling Polo Shirts are part Workwear, part Activewearfor a reason. It's a perfect fit whether you want to get in a quick run or bike ride during your lunch break or hit the weights before happy hour. The lightweight design and four-way stretch allow you to do both without requiring a wardrobe change.    
  1. Wear it to Play
  Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Polo Shirts for Menand Womenare perfect for the office or the game. The stylish design and wrinkle-free fabric means you'll do able to what you want in comfort. We also created Instant Cooling Plain Polo Shirts (available in Menand Women) for easy customization. Experience the Arctic Cool cooling technology while supporting the team or rocking your company logo! Choose from a variety of colors to find the shirt that best suits your style. Work hard and play hard with Arctic Cool!

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