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June 06, 2017 2 min read

You know Tamilee Webb as the host of the groundbreaking fitness videos Buns of Steel and Abs of Steel from the 1990s. More recently, you may have worked out with her on FitTV, ESPN’s Fitness Pro Series, or her latest DVD Total Stretch. Maybe you've read one of her four best-selling books on fitness. Including, The Original Rubber Band Workout, Step-up Fitness, Workout for Dummies, or Defy Gravity Workout. Not to mention, made the cover of Self Magazine in recognition of her fitness achievements. No matter where you know her from, Tamilee is a household name in fitness. We're honored and excited to announce that Tamilee has chosen to work with the Arctic Cool family as brand ambassador.   Tamilee tried our Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirts and loves them for their functionality, quality, and affordability. She now owns a shirt in every color and has agreed to help us to educate people on how they too can benefit from our HydroFreeze X Cooling Technology.   Tamilee is no stranger to sweat. She has taught millions how to get in shape, stay active, and build their dream body. She found the moisture wicking technology impressive. Especially its ability to keep her cool even during her toughest workouts. She wore Arctic Cool doing everything from teaching a spin class to walking with her friends. She fell in love with how the lightweight fabric always keeps her comfortable and cool.   Tamilee tested the cooling technology during an outdoor tennis match with her friend. Before even stepping on the court, she spritzed the shirt with water to start To activate the cooling technology. She found our technology worked instantly, keeping her cool, even under the hot California sun. Winning the match was a bonus!   Tamilee doesn’t just wear Arctic Cool to workout, she rocks it everywhere because of its comfortable feel and stylish design. She's spreading the word about Arctic Cool to friends looking to stay cool during their workouts, or going through menopause.  

Tamilee golf-min

If you’d like to hear from Tamilee herself about what she loves about the Arctic Cool and check out the video she posted about her experience! We're honored to receive such high praise from this fitness legend and excited to work together to educate people about the amazing benefits of Arctic Cool apparel!

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