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July 12, 2017 3 min read

Every year, there’s a slew of new high-tech fitness gadgets that promise to help users run faster, lift harder and perform better. While this can make for an exciting holiday season, it’s often hard to separate the top tech products from the duds. We looked at the year’s best fitness accessories and gear to determine what’s worth your hard-earned cash. These top tech gifts are great choices for the fitness lovers in your life. Fitness Trackers   The Right Activity Tracker   From bracelets and watches to clip-ons, fitness trackers come in all shapes and sizes. This can make selecting the right one for a fitness-inclined love one a bit tricky. The best approach is to know the answers to a few simple questions about their lifestyle. Like, what activity does the user do the most? Would he or she be interested in tracking anything other than activity, such as sleep habits or calories? Is heart-monitoring important? Would the tracker need to be sweatproof or waterproof? Are GPS capabilities useful? Is it helpful for the tracker to double as a phone or minicomputer? Once you know the answers, it’s easy to research and find the best tracker for the fitness lover in your life.     High-Tech Attire   It’s no surprise that every fitness fanatic loves gear. Shopping for the right attire can often be the best part about getting back into shape. If you know someone whose athletic wear could use a boost, consider clothing with high-tech elements. The latest smart clothing has everything from heart-rate monitoring to Hydrofreeze X Technology that transforms sweat and moisture into a cooling mechanism. While every exerciser prefers various brands or types of clothing, gift givers can never go wrong by selecting durable, high-performance materials that allow for maximum range of movement. The right attire can help everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes work out harder for longer, putting a PR well within reach.     Tech athletic wear     The Best of Bluetooth   Fitness trackers aren’t the only high-tech gifts with Bluetooth capabilities. Headphones, smart scales and even a posture belts are getting seriously innovative. Consider getting someone on your list a tech gift that can help him or her better reach a fitness goal. Bluetooth headphones, for example, allow exercisers to move freely without worrying about getting tangled in wires on their next trail run. A smart scale, on the other hand, shows a person looking to lose or maintain their weight the intricacies of their body composition. Your fit friends and family are sure to appreciate anything that can make working out more rewarding.     Innovative Accessories   When a person makes fitness a priority, it helps to have gear that supports those efforts. The best tech gifts do just that, ensuring everything in a person’s exercise arsenal works as hard as they do. One great innovative accessory is the Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Towel. It helps you stay cool for up to two hours when wet. Not only does the high-quality mesh absorb moisture, its unique design properly manages the rate it evaporates. So you can stay dry and comfortable.    
Tech Accessories
    Finding the right high-tech gifts for fitness lovers can pose a unique challenge.  Knowing what activities that fit, fab, fun person on your list is into can offer great insight to select the perfect gift! The sooner you check everyone off your list, the quicker you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the holiday season. The Arctic Cool family wishes you and yours a joyous holiday season!

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