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December 11, 2019 2 min read

Our new Arctic Cool Soft Panel Hats for men and women aren’t your ordinary ball cap. It's lightweight, adjustable, and available in a variety of sizes. Plus, its soft brim doesn’t need to be “broken in." Our comfortable, fitted style hat is made for optimum ventilation. Don’t let the “soft” in the name fool you either: This headgear is hardcore. Wear it while traversing rough terrain, gearing up for round of golf, or to shield the sun while working outside. It’s durable enough to battle the elements—and win. In addition to blocking the sun’s harmful rays, our soft panel hats go one step further receiving a UPF rating of 50+.     Our exclusive HydroFreeze X Technology is built into every hat. To help you stay cool and dry, it wicks away sweat and disperses it throughout the cap. The wicked away moisture helps moderate body temperature by activating a cooling sensation. So you can play into overtime without breaking a sweat! Our hats also contain antimicrobial properties. Meaning it smells as fresh as the first time you put it on. If extra innings stretch late into the night or your a morning runner, the reflective printing on the hat ensures visibility at all hours of the day.  

Instant Cooling Soft Panel Hat -min

  The right gear can often set the tone for a great sweat session. Arctic Cool hats, shirts, shorts, and accessories are made from high-quality materials and built to last. Our Workwearapparel is perfect for on the job or working around the house. Make it exclusively yours by customizing it with any logo or team name!   Our hats come in solid colors so mixing and matching is a breeze! Your black, grey or white soft panel hat blends seamlessly with a Instant Cooling Women’s Purple V-neck Shirt or a Instant Cooling Men’s Olive Pocket Tee Shirt. On a particularly chilly day, pair our hats with a long-sleeve shirt to keep you dry and comfortable from head-to-toe! From batting and racing to serving and teeing off, Instant Cooling Soft Panel Hats were made to help keep your head in the game.

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