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April 05, 2018 2 min read

You know Arctic Cool has you covered when you’re feeling the heat in the gym, on the job or out scoring on the field, but did you know Arctic Cool can also protect you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays? Many of our signature items have an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+. So, you can enjoy the outdoors knowing you’ve got added protection.     A UPF rating is similar to SPF ratings used in cosmetic products like sunscreens and lotions. Thought, not all SPF products and UPF apparel has the same level of protection. Typical summer clothing has a UPF rating of 6 or 7. We submitted our fabric to an independent lab to identify the exact level of sun protection it offered. Rigorous UVA and UVB testing revealed an UPF Excellent 50+ rating. What does this mean for you? A UPF 50+ rating indicates that the fabric tested blocks 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays!     The UPF 50+ rating applies to all of our non-mesh products: Long Sleeve Shirts for Youth and Adults, Men’s Crew NeckMen’s Workwear TeeMen’s PoloWomen’s V-Neck, and Women’s Polo.  Long sleeves don’t often come to mind in the summer months. However, those with sensitive skin or enjoy water activities know the importance of protection. The UPF certified Youth apparel can also offer piece of mind to parents who fear their kids will forget about sunscreen as soon as the fun starts at summer camp. The additional sun coverage is a great perk for people eager to get  out and surf, jet ski or play water polo.    
    Most sportswear and workwear items tend to get grimy as sweat and bacteria accumulates on your clothes, especially during the summer. Thanks to active wicking and antimicrobial fabrics, Arctic Cool apparel can stay fresher, longer. When the items do need a wash, they’re durable and easy to clean. Simply throw them into the regular laundry load, and they’ll wash and dry with the rest of your wardrobe.     Our goal is to develop clothing and accessories that help you push your limits. Whether you’re trying to score a new PR in an upcoming 10k or finish a construction projected ahead of schedule, our unique fabrics provide smart solutions when things heat up. The jersey fabric wicks moisture off your skin and chills the fabric as it evaporates. Harness the versatile power of moisture wicking technology to cool you off and superior UPF protection to keep the sun’s rays at bay!

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