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December 08, 2016 3 min read

Whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who just enjoys a daily jog, having the right clothes helps keep you comfortable and ensures that you’re able to deliver the best performance possible. One of the most innovative changes for activewear has been the new Hydrofreeze X technology that is built into every article of Arctic Cool clothing. Luckily, we’ve gone well past the days of sweatpants and basic tracksuits. Those are often more loungewear than activewear – and for good reason! Today’s activewear makes use of technological advancements that can have a tremendous impact on the way the clothing works and your body performs.

The Principles of Activewear

Today’s activewear should be comfortable, but not limit your motions. You don’t want to exercise in clothing that is too baggy or too tight. Beyond that, though, what else should your activewear do? Here are some of the fundamental principles:
  • Help protect you against excessive sweat and moisture
  • Prevent chaffing and discomfort
  • Keep you cool during intense workouts or warm weather workouts
  • Keep you dry
Many activewear manufacturers still practice old industry standards by using cotton material in their clothing. Cotton material will actually cause a buildup of sweat and moisture when you work out, making you feel much hotter than you want to be. When it comes to activewear, there are definitely better options, one of the best being Arctic Cool apparel.

Hydrofreeze X Technology and The Difference It Makes

The Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt takes the sweat your body creates and uses it to help you, rather than weigh you down. It’s a wicking shirt, but unlike anything else out there. It starts off by working similarly to most other wicking shirts in that it pulls the sweat off your skin, keeping you drier. However, Hydrofreeze X technology goes further. Instead of wicking away moisture and letting it pool up in the fabric, these shirts actually spread the moisture throughout the fibers. This keeps moisture levels more balanced throughout the clothing. As the air passes over and through the shirt’s fabric, the moisture activates a chilling effect within the fibers. It’s almost like wearing a personal AC unit… that weighs next to nothing. The moisture is then expelled from the shirt, evaporating as the cooling effect takes over. Because it gets evenly distributed throughout the shirt, it is much easier for the sweat to evaporate.

Beyond Cooling

While there’s no question that staying cool is a key reason to look into what Arctic Cool Activewear Shirts can do for you, there are additional benefits that the Hydrofreeze X technology can provide as well. Consider some of the following:
  • Wicking away moisture can help inhibit the growth of some bacteria, keeping your skin cleaner and more odor-free. It’s the same principle that is used in wicking socks, only applied to your upper body as well.
  • By reducing your body temperature and thus reducing sweat, these shirts can also help you stay hydrated and healthy. Excessive sweating can have a huge impact on hydration levels and dehydration can often be prevented by wearing the right kind of activewear.
  • Increased comfort and decreased body temps mean that you’re able to give your workout everything you have, and get better results as well.
While it may seem like a simple shirt at first glance, it’s not - and the right shirt can have an immensely positive impact on your performance.

Arctic Cool shirts are the right shirts.

The Future Is Now

Technology will continue to change the way we work, play, and exercise. A big part of that future is here right now, and it’s Hydrofreeze X technology. Once you experience the difference offered by these shirts, you’ll see for yourself just what is possible with the right activewear on your side!

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