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    “OhMyGosh! I totally LOVE this color (Pink Punch)! This is my fourth shirt. I literally live in my four shirts. I have black tank, the pink “T”, pink with the white back mesh tank, now this! You just can’t go wrong with these. I get them large and looser fitting. I don’t go walking without one of these. They will pack any where. I wear them year around, great for layers. Great for sleeping, particularly if you sweat at night. I can’t live without my Artic Cool! I want the leggings, waiting to find the length on those. Plan on buying my husband a surprise from Arctic Cool too. Thank you Arctic Cool! Love your stuff!”
    CarmenApr 4, 2019

    the technology works!

    “These shirts are amazing at keeping me cool, and they stay looking presentable all day long. They are very stretchy, so I have complete freedom of movement. New idea - cut a headband and use it to line the lower elastic in your bra - has a wonderful cooling effect!”
    MarilynAug 7, 2018

    I love the tanks!

    “I absolutely love these tanks! Working on the nursing unit I never get hot when wearing these tanks. They also work as a compression tank to hold my insulin pump down. I first ordered two and I just received my second order of two more! ”
    Crystal_rootAug 2, 2018

    Great Shirts

    “I overheat very quickly and very easily, plus I live in the south, so I was excited when I heard about these shirts. But, I am also an overweight, kind of lumpy mother of 4, so I am very leary of any sports-type shirts that tend to look not so attractive on anyone who isn't slender. I thought I would give these a try. I am so glad I did. The fit, although slightly fitted, is attractive and doesn't make me feel self-conscious. I definitely keep from overheating so quickly in these shirts. I also bought a youth shirt for my athletic 10-year-old, and it is the only shirt he will wear in the heat or when working out. Based on others' reviews, I went up a size for both myself and my husband. I actually had to send those shirts back to exchange for our normal sizes. So, I found the fit to be true to size. ”
    ChristineJul 11, 2018

    Best fitting shirts!!

    “I have 15+ of these shirts. They fit amazing! The one thing better than these shirts is artic cools customer service! Anytime I had a question or an exchange inquiry the customer service representative responded promptly and they were super personable! I will continue to give them my business for the quality of their products and the compassion of their employees! Thank you!”
    Troy LJul 6, 2018

    I am a believer in the Arctic Cool Brand

    “I just finished walking Magic Kingdom and a few resorts. Needless to say it stifling hot and muggy. I am a sweater by nature, but when I tell you I remained cool & comfortable for over 8 hours, I am completely sold! I ordered a long sleeve shirt, visor, headbands & towels. My body was so comfortable I only used 1 of 4 towels and the visor with my long sleeve shirt. I am so happy and have posted my excitement on social media.”
    Christina ToddJun 28, 2018

    Best purchase I made in years!

    “I'm a runner and have always sweat a lot. I'm also 51 and have had severe sweating/body temperature issues in the last couple of years. I am sweating during a warm-up. I'd sweat so much and get overheated and I would shut down by mile 4 (no matter what I did). I saw these shirts and I was hopeful. I bought two tanks and have worn them four times. My first time was a 3 mile run in 60 degrees with slight wind and I would have been sweat wet but only a small spot under my bra was wet. My second run was a 7 mile in heat, humidity, and sun where I should have shut down. My shirt was soaked but my body was still moving. The third time was a 20 mile bike ride and again barely any sweat. My final trial was line dancing the other night..again barely anything. I am now trying out the headbands (which I never wear) ... only wish they were thicker! My friend asked m e "how do they work/what makes them work?" I replied with a description and, " ... but do”
    Annie DellingerJun 6, 2018

    Keeping Cool

    “I’m a trail rider. In one day I may ride up to 60 miles. I have found these shirts to not only be comfortable but actually help to keep me cool. I wear only these shirts now. Highly recommend!”
    CaseyJun 5, 2018

    Safety Shirts

    “I work in construction and need to bbn use high visibility safety shirts, d ik make it in safety orange and safety green?”
    Llewellyn Lee Jun 4, 2018

    Super cool tee shirts

    “I bought for my boys 28 and 26 one is a delivery driver out in the heat most of the day then hen goes to work out . He gives the tee shirt sweat band and towel a big A+ . My other son installs A/C units a lot of attic hot work . He also gives tee shirt head band and towel a Big A+. Alls we need now is to get the company logo on them for the ready of his employees !! So A+ all the way around !!!”
    Margaret webbMay 22, 2018

    Attic Cool ladies tank

    “I LOVE my tank! I don't have to worry about changing shirts after my workout to run to my next errand because I stay cooler during my workout! From a busy Mom of 3 and a soccer coach of 17! ”

    As advertised or better

    “I get hot very easily. I sweat alot and get headaches and become tired. I was taking a trip to Florida to take my son to Disney/Universal in late May/early June last year. I saw these shirts advertised so I thought I’d give them a shot. Well, I got stuck with a streak of consecutive days in the high 90s. These shirts were amazing! I wasn’t miserably over heating like I did my pervious visits. I was used to huge sweat spots on my shirts but not with these! If they had a full body suit I would’ve gotten it...lol. They really do keep you cooler. Carried the towels around for my son and I to wrap around our necks or on top of our heads and it was a big help. My son was so jealous that at the time they didn’t make youth sizes. He is so excited that I am ordering him some shirts for our upcoming trip. I work as a delivery driver and the back of the truck gets extremely hot. I started wearing these and it has made it a lot more bearable. ”
    Joseph Boccanfuso

    Arctic Cool WORKS!!!

    “I have been using my pocket T as a biking shirt this week in south central TN in 90 + degree weather. It has kept me nice and cool. I use the towel under my helmet and wet it from time to time and keeps the noggin nice and cool as well. Great stuff... have recommended to several of my biking friends. Need some brighter colors for biking.”
    Gary Morris

    Customer Service

    “I haven't received my shirt yet (for my grandson), but I do want to submit this review regarding their customer service. My grandson is stationed in Japan and so far he hasn't received the shirt. The company sent me an email saying they were shipping out another, but then I wrote back and said maybe they should just send it to me and let me forward it and they said they would ship it out today and not to hesitate to call if I have any more problems. You just don't get customer service like this very much anymore. Very impressed!!!”
    Deborah HillMay 1, 2018

    Fantastic shirts

    “I have three varieties of Arctic Cool shirts. They keep me cool and comfortable. I have a long sleeve, short sleeve and tank, so I am covered in any warm weather. My favorite, though is the long sleeve. That shirt has carried me through a marathon, where the temperature ranged from 30 degrees at the start to 65 at the finish, with bright sunshine. The shirt kept me comfortable and sunburn free in the hours I was outside. It was also my go-to shirt for running on the beach. ”
    ShellyApr 26, 2018

    Travel ball

    “This is great for a girl that plays travel softball in the heat, especially if she's a catcher! ”
    AmyApr 25, 2018

    Artic Cool Shirt

    “I bought a shirt from Artic Cool and I absolutely love it. I go to Mexico every summer and wearing that shirt in all that heat really makes a difference. I need to get my daughter one so she wil have one too. Love your shirts.”
    Carole Slater

    Tanks are great

    “Bought 1 of these tanks to try for teaching PE. Just bought 3 more. ”
    KathyApr 24, 2018

    Keep buying them

    “I cuttently up to 10 shirts. Shirts are confitable wore them in winter all months great looking shirt tongo out with. Go fishing with them. Hanging outside best shirts ever ”
    Sal Renns

    True Blue Luck

    “It was about 2 years ago when I found the blue Arctic Cool short sleeve shirt for sale. I bought one and have been amazed by the quality. Out of all my polyester shirts, this company has provided me with the most refreshing, durable stylish shirt. It sure keeps me cool when I run, and the evaporation rate is great to reduce sweat post work out. I am most happy about the feel of the shirt, since it doesn't feel light and plastic, but firm and smooth. Minimal wear and tear damage, so it is long lasting. ”
    Luis Garcia

    Thumbs Up!

    “I ordered a blue tee shirt for my son who suffers overheating even in the winter. He loves it, the color, the fabric, the feel is all great!”
    Glenda Kreiman

    Awesome headband!

    “Just used the headband and it’s great on the back of the a motor cycle. Not only did it keep my hair in place but my head was cool in the 94 degree heat here in Arizona!”
    Su Holohan

    gym bag necessity

    “I love my shirt and have bought some for a few trainers as well. They really keep me cool in a hard workout and also seem to cover up smell some. I always wear it for agility days when I leave I feel like I could actually wring out clothes and get over a cup of water out of them.”
    Becky Erny

    Artic Cool works for me

    “My hubby and I keep the house at 60 year round but when summer hits in the South (90s and 100s) and you have to go somewhere we recommend throwing one of these shirts on to look good and keep you comfortable. You can actually survive summer in the South with these on! ”

    Not just sport

    “I like that this shirt has a practical length so I can lift and bend ”
    hic.supNov 4, 2017

    Artic Cool GREAT COMPANY

    “Me too. I had NO idea that I received an "Artic Cool" shirt from a FAKE COMPANY using your name on Amazon. I can not say thank you enough for sending me a REAL ARTIC COOL SHIRT! It fits great and really does reduce your body's core temperature! I am amazed and very thankful to ARTIC COOL for sending me a shirt at no cost . Your company's Integrity is beyond reproach!”
    John Tranor Sep 6, 2017

    These shirts are amazing!

    “I work at an animal shelter in 100+ degree heat index and sweat profusely. I decided to try the Arctic Cool shirt and it's a total gamechanger. I was cool all day. It makes a HUGE difference and really does work. I just ordered several more. They look sharp and feel great. ”
    StephanieSep 5, 2017

    THE BEST!!!

    “My husband has to work outdoors a lot in extreme heat. With the Arctic Cool scarf pre-moistened and placed under his hat, his head stays cool. With the shirt also pre-moistened before heading into heat, it keeps him from overheating out the door. I have a long sleeve shirt, size fits exactly as I wanted, not tight and restrictive. I kayak a great deal so want the added benefit of UV protection. No more burnt arms and staying cool. I wish I'd known about these shirts when they first hit the market!! I bought the purple and it is so beautiful AND comfortable.”
    Deb SignorinoAug 26, 2017

    The pocket T-Shirt

    “The perfect shirt for anyone with MS that goes out in the sun!!! I'm nearly 60, too, so pushing a lawnmower with this shirt makes a major difference. My t-shirts used to be soaking wet in about 5 minutes, but when I finished the whole back yard, with this shirt on, I went into the house and had my wife feel how dry my chest & belly was!!! What really amazed me was when I wore it for two hot days in a row without washing it, and when I picked it up on the third day, I smelled the shirt, and didn't smell anything at all!!! It should have smelled like the inside of a gym bag, but didn't!!! No odor what-so-ever!! Thanks!! ?”
    Steve BuchnerAug 22, 2017

    Women's v-neck

    “I ordered two v-neck shirts - one with mesh inserts and one without. I bicycle regularly in the summer and the heat really gets to me. I was amazed at how cool the shirt kept me. When we took a rest break, I noticed I could feel the breeze coming right through the fabric. I haven't tried putting water on it yet but I will be trying that soon. I'm glad I ordered two shirts initially as otherwise I would be ordering a second one. ”
    Joyce HAug 18, 2017

    It Really does Work!

    “"I sweat very easily and profusely. When I work out in the yard in even 70 deg. F. weather, I go through about 4 tee shirts because they would get so wet I could wring them out. It seemed the sweating also made me more tired. Now with the Arctic Cool shirt, I can work out all afternoon and not have to change a shirt. There's a small area on my upper back that must not touch the shirt as I am a little sweaty there, but as soon as I come in, that area dries too. My forehead also sweats a lot and I wipe it on the sleeves of the shirt. They dry almost instantly. I can't wait for the Arctic Cool headband to arrive!"”
    Dale W.Aug 15, 2017

    Good for UPS drivers!

    “As a UPS driver I need phoenix Arizona you try to find a product that can keep you cool. This shirt did just that. I could feel my core to be cooler. That is a wonderful thing. Thx Jax”
    Jackie U. Aug 1, 2017

    Keeps my husband cooler!

    “My husband says it does keep him cooler, which is a very good thing for someone who spends time out in the heat, but not more so than the less expensive shirts we have bought previously. A good product, for sure, but maybe a bit over priced. We won't be buying any additional shirts.”
    Donna R.

    Good in Cozumel humidity!!

    “I love my Arctic Cool shirt!!! Currently keeping me cool on vacation in Mexico!!”
    Chloe Nightingale

    This shirt is AMAZING!

    “I recently purchased a work wear shirt for my son who is a welder and works outside year round doing structural welding. He was skeptical at first when I gave the shirt to him, but he said would try it anyway. With temperatures here in the southeast rising above 112 degrees in the summer, it is a necessity to stay cool and hydrated. On one of the hottest days this summer, he wore the shirt to work, and it wasn't long before I received a text that read, "This shirt is amazing! Will you buy more for me? It really works...I wouldn't want to wear it in a cold rain. I would freeze!" The towel is great too. He keeps it in his truck and uses it to cool off when he takes a break. I just purchased 2 more shirts today, and I am sure I will be purchasing more in the future. Thanks Arctic Cool for a great product at a great price. ”
    Gina MabryJul 30, 2017

    Love the shape and comfort of the shirt

    “Love the shirt. I wear it everywhere- the gym, shopping, hiking, travel.... I wish they have a long sleeve version then i can wear to dance to make it look more formal.”
    lauraJul 27, 2017

    Great backpacking shirt

    “I bought the long-sleeved women's shirt and wore it 6 of the 7 days of my backpacking trip (an off day for washing out). It kept me somewhat cool when hiking off-trail and up steep terrain in the Sierra with a 38 pound pack and it also kept the sun off my arms. I could keep it on in the cool evenings without getting chilled - just added a fleece. It even looked reasonable fresh at the end of the trip. Just one drawback: it is NOT colorfast - be sure to wash separately. I also bought a short-sleeved shirt that I've worn around the house and yard in this extraordinarily hot summer - very comfy and much cooler than a regular t-shirt.”
    Diane ErwinJul 24, 2017

    Not just wicking!

    “It's weird. I was expecting this to just be like a lot of other wicking/drying shirts online. But my old shirt like that was getting worn out, so I figured I'd give this a shot and return it if I didn't like it... But it's definitely an improvement! After a half an hour working in the yard - when I'm starting to feel hot - I just put some water on it and it is cold and refreshing! I've already ordered another one for my gym workouts. ”
    GregJul 20, 2017

    It cools you

    “Got this for my brother's birthday and he raves about how it really cools you down! Ordered 2 more for the summer!”
    Jolene F.May 20, 2017

    Fade resistant

    “My husband who works construction and he loves it! The bright colors are fade resistant too!”
    Guliana P.Mar 5, 2017

    Practical length

    “I really like that this shirt has a practical length so I can lift and bend comfortably when I'm on a site.”
    Sean B.Dec 15, 2016

    Does its job

    “Cannot rave enough about this shirt to my friends!!! Not only does it fit me great, it looks crisp and is soooo soft and really does its job. Top quality material and fit.”
    Siobahn N.Jul 8, 2016

    Stylish and sporty

    “What a great shirt!! I often look for things I can wear all day long no matter what I’m doing and I like this because I can go out to coffee with friends after dropping the kids off and then head to the gym and look good the whole time. It looks clean and crisp and makes me feel stylish and sporty at the same time.”
    Cheyenne S.Jun 28, 2016

    Never get hot

    “Like wearing this as I bike to work. It really is amazing at both WICKING and DRYING. Like I never get hot, even when I ride in summer. Great product.”
    DaveJun 14, 2016