What is Arctic Cool?

It's simple: Arctic Cool is a revolution in wearable cooling technology. And our flagship line of exceptional Instant Cooling Shirts isn't just another athletic fad. As soon as you start to sweat, our shirts go to work for you. You can't help feel the difference every time you wear it. Literally.

How do the drying and "instant cooling" features work in the shirts?

First, the shirt's microfiber fabric wicks moisture away from your skin. The fabric then disperses that moisture throughout its design. Next, our revolutionary Hydrofreeze X Technology kicks in to dramatically cool your body temperature. This helps our shirt to keep you cool and dry for as long as you need.

What is HydroFreeze X Technology? How does it work?

A revolutionary temperature regulating system, HydroFreeze X uses your own perspiration to cool you down as you move. The harder you work, the harder HydroFreeze X works to help you. The technology actually moves moisture away from the skin and circulates it through the fabric, keeping you cooler, longer.

What is it made out of?

All Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirts are made from a 92% polyester/ 8% spandex textile blend.

Why a cooling shirt?

What would you prefer: a good workout, or one of the best of your life? Being uncomfortable on a hot day, or feeling as cool as a cucumber no matter how hot it gets? Cooling shirts improve your performance and your comfort level in heat. And Arctic Cool's Instant Cooling Shirts take this to a new, unparalleled level. Our shirt's cooling effect begins as soon as you start to sweat and will keep working as long as you do. What is more, Arctic Cool's unique design allows for full range of motion without weighing you down.

Do I have to wet the t-shirt before I wear it?

As as soon as you start to sweat, the HydroFreeze X Technology will activate. If you desire an even more intense cooling sensation, you may moisten the shirt before wearing it, but this is not required.

Does it smell?

Not at all. The anti-microbial design fights odors and keeps your shirt fresh and clean.

How do I clean it?

The Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt is a snap to clean. Just toss it in the machine, on a cold water cycle for light colors, and then tumble dry low. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed.

Is there a guarantee that it will work?

Absolutely. Not completely satisfied with the Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt or the HydroFreeze X Technology? We'll happily replace the shirt or refund your purchase price. More details here.

When is my order shipped? How do I get free shipping?

Just head to our Shipping & Returns page for all the information you need for these concerns.

Do we make plus-sized shirts?

Larger sizes are available now in our most popular colors and styles!

Do we make long sleeved shirts?

Long sleeves shirts will be available by Summer of 2017

Do these products offer sun protection?

The solid fabric for our Instant Cooling shirts have been rated as Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ in independent lab testing for sun protection. That means our cooling fabric blocks 98% of the sun's harmful UV rays.
Note: our mesh fabric is not rated for UPF protection. If you are interested in the sun protection benefit our products provide, we recommend that you purchase our solid-color cooling products.

Can I wear the Instant Cooling Shirts under another shirt?

The exclusive HydroFreeze X technology in our shirts requires air flow in order to activate. Air moving over the fabric is what creates the cooling effect. Without air flow, the shirt still provides excellent wicking and drying for your skin. But the shirt will not cool you down when worn as an undergarment.

Are the shirts tight-fitting, or are they relaxed fit?

Arctic Cool Instant Cooling shirts have a fit that is "athletic." See our fit comparison guides: AC Mens Shirt Fit AC Womens Shirt Fit Our fabric lets the shirt move and stretch with your body, without clinging or being too tight. The shirts are also fitted enough that they aren't loose or baggy as you move. If you would prefer a more relaxed fit, simply purchase an Instant Cooling shirt that is one size larger than your normal size.

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